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High-performance machinery for a large-scale projects.

Wheter you need a turnkey project or a rehabilitation, Aciers Richelieu and Usinage St-Laurent have the equipment to meet each and every one of your needs. Our three fully equipped plants employ state-of-the-art software for design and can handle inspections to repair parts all the way through mechanical engineering.

Why us?

Where flexibility meets capacity

  • That’s the basis on which Aciers Richelieu and Usinage St-Laurent have built their reputation. During a major shutdown or breakdown, we shift into overdrive to provide you with our equipment, a complete inventory of materials and a dedicated team that’s always ready to respond to your needs.

  • Aciers Richelieu and Usinage St-Laurent can manage your project from start to finish: whether you need design, a 10’ x 44’ CNC cutting table, a Hexagon 7540 measuring arm, a 5-axis 20-ton horizontal boring machine, or a 263’diameter vertical lathe.

  • 50-ton lifting capacity, 28’ below the hook, 263’’ turning capacity, and 155 employees are ready to take on non-standard projects and parts.

Grosse pièce soit un convoyeur brun avec un employé devant

Our equipment

Sandblasting & Painting


A team of 10 designers and engineers dedicated to bringing your projects to life.

  • Our team of draftsmen and engineers will schedule a site visit to your facilities to provide consultation, conduct measurements, perform evaluations, and assist with material selection.

  • · Solid Edge (3D) · Autocad

Stéphane, un de nos dessinateur industriel, devant son ordinateur


High-quality cutting systems to meet your production needs.

  • 10' x 44' equipped with : · 400 AMP high definition 5-axis plasma head up to 2'' thick · 2 oxy-cutting heads up to 6'' thick

  • · Structural steel and piping · 18'' H x 120'' l · Up to 60-degree angle

  • 100-ton

Employé devant une table de coupe avec 1 tête au plasma haute définition 400 AMP,  5 axes. 2 têtes à l'oxycoupage jusqu'à 6'' d'épaisseur"


Our precision forming tools can help you create complex component

  • · Piping up to 7'' ø · Structural steel up to 12''

  • 1'' x 10' l

  • · 600-ton - 24' · 250-ton - 12'

Vue d'ensemble de l'usine avec plusieurs machines tel qu'un rouleau à plaque


High-performance, high-capacity welding systems

  • · 1250 AMP. · 22 H x 30 l x 120' L

  • · TIG · MIG

  • · 15-ton · 7-ton · 3-ton

Vue d'ensemble sur l'usine avec l'arc submergé en évidence


More than 15 devices for medium- to large-scale machining

  • Capacity : · 59 ø x 39''H to 263 ø x 124''H (CNC Double colomns) · 60-ton

  • Capacity : · 98 x 63'' up to 273 x 120'' · 50-ton · 5-axis CNC Fermat 158 x 98'' with a rotary table 78 x 94'', 20-ton

  • Capacity up to : · 41 ø x 312''L · 10-ton

Vue d'ensemble sur la machine 3 Tours verticaux CNC


For lead-containing parts cleaning or paint system application

  • 18 l x 35 L x 11' H Certified for lead paint sandblasting SSPC standards Sandblasting with steel or glass beads

  • 18 l x 35 L x 11' H Water and oil painting system Holiday test

Vue d'ensemble de l'usine avec un avant-plan de la chambre de sablage


Meticulous inspection service to ensure the quality of component

  • Portable tool for rapid 3D analysis and measurement of: · Form tolerance · Positioning · Orientation · Surface comparison

  • Optimized inspection and simplified reverse engineering.

Bras de mesure qui mesure une grosse pièce dans l'usine d'Usinage St-Laurent


Fast, efficient local delivery

  • 51-ton

  • · Up to 20-ton · Long wide load annual permit for 14’ 6’’ (4.4 m)

Gros camion qui traîne un énorme fardier sur une plateforme

Industrial complexe

Space for projects of all sizes

Place holder - Aciers Richelieu - Usine Principale

Aciers Richelieu - Usine Sorel

  • Address190 du Roi Street, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada
  • Area35 000 sq ft
  • Lifting capacity25-ton
Place holder - Aciers Richelieu - Usine Tracy

Aciers Richelieu - Usine Tracy

  • Address600, Cormier Street, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, J3P 4N5
  • Area25 000 sq ft
  • Outdoor area245 000 sq ft
  • Lifting capacity50-ton
  • Height under the hooks28 feet
Place holder - Usinage St-Laurent

Usinage St-Laurent

  • Address300 Cormier Street, Sorel-Tracy Quebec J3R 1V2
  • Area50 000 sq ft
  • Outdoor area200 000 sq ft
  • Lifting capacity50-ton
Place holder - Adélard-Boucher

Adélard-Boucher warehouse

  • Address1305 Adelard-Boucher Street, Sorel-Tracy, Quebec J3R 5S2
  • Area40 000 sq ft
  • Outdoor area36 000 sq ft
  • Lifting capacity25-ton

Élizabeth warehouse

  • Address220 Élizabeth Street, Sorel-Tracy Quebec J3P 4H9
  • Area11 500 sq ft
  • Lifting capacity 12-ton

Victoria warehouse

  • Address84 Victoria street, Sorel-Tracy Quebec Canada J3P 1Y7
  • Area5 000 sq ft